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Passing The Baton Leadership Podcast

Jun 30, 2021

Trust is the most highly valued commodity when it comes to relationship building, both in your personal and professional life. Your level of comfortability, authenticity, and transparency are all heavily influenced by your level of trust in someone.  So how do we react when someone breaks our trust?



Jun 23, 2021

What is culture is fit anyway? Many hiring managers and recruiters use the term generically when finding a reason not to bring on someone. Today Zack and Miek unpack the differences between the two and give you reasons why organizations need to lead with culture as well as tips for prospective new employees to look out...

Jun 16, 2021

Colin Hunter joins the show today to talk about the power of failure and how it can create a stronger person and leader. 


Colin Hunter is an Author, Mentor, Coach, and the Founder and CEO of Potential Squared, an international business that specializes in creating playgrounds to disrupt the way people are led. Three...

Jun 9, 2021

Stress! Everyone deals with it to differing degrees. Today Mike and Zack help you with some tips to manage your stress to healthy levels. 


Highlights include

  • Signs that you have too much stress
  • A list of tips to combat stress
  • Is all stress bad?


Join Zack Hudson as he helps you grow your leadership skills weekly....

Jun 2, 2021

Competition isn't all bad... in fact, it can be a great motivator to extend you and your team to new heights with the right approach.  Today Mike and Zack give you practical tips to thrive in competition. 


Highlights include

  • Competition can originate in many forms
  • Become a master of situational awareness
  • Handle...