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Passing The Baton Leadership Podcast

Jun 26, 2024

Today we spend the whole show on just one question! We unpack each sub question on how to successfully jump into a new role where a clean-up is required, constraints put on the role and feeling overwhelmed. 

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Join Zack Hudson as he helps you grow your leadership...

Jun 19, 2024

"I think that they are too positive." That was the start of a coaching session a leader once had with me when we were discussing one of their employees. It can be a weird and confusing feeling to realize that you are interacting with someone with toxic positivity..... Today we'll help you navigate how to address toxic...

Jun 12, 2024

"I want it right now" is the expectation that has become ingrained in our desires in all parts of our lives - from that order that you placed online today, to health goals, and expectations in your business. Today we unpack the benefits of putting a pause, from small to big, in your responses to others. 

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Jun 5, 2024

It can be difficult to balance the ever-changing starting balance of your energy as well as all the surprises that pop up through the day that further impact your energy. Today we'll look at sugar, containers, and spoons to help you understand your energy and how to manage it. 

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