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Passing The Baton Leadership Podcast

Oct 5, 2022

Leaders may be one of the groups in the workplace that need the most self-compassion. Affording yourself self-compassion as a leader is essential for your personal and professional growth.   On today's we'll breakdown: 

  • Understanding the roadblocks to self-compassion
  • Mindfulness and Compassion
  • Putting it into...

Sep 28, 2022

We sometimes think of fairness and equality as the same thing, and even with the best intentions, we will lead ineffectively, if we get the two confused. 


Today we talk about the idea that equal doesn't always mean fair and how tuning into each person's individual needs ultimately leads to everyone having a fair shot...

Sep 21, 2022

Today, employees and customers are demanding transparency from organizations and leaders alike. Portraying an exaggerated level of strength and power will not connect in a lasting way. Leaders and companies can longer hide behind policies and procedures without relational consequences from others. 


Zack gives us tips...

Sep 14, 2022

It's our 7th anniversary! Mike, Neha and Zack get together to discuss the year, preview some topics for Year 8 and answer your questions from our mailbox. 

Join Zack Hudson as he helps you grow your leadership skills weekly. Passing the Baton podcast is hosted by Mike Floyd & Neha Shingane.


Sep 7, 2022

When it comes to leadership, what's true and what's a myth when it comes to a person's conception of what leadership is? We dive into 4 myths of leadership:

  • The position myth
  • The contentment myth
  • The freedom myth
  • The all-or-nothing myth

Join Zack Hudson as he helps you grow your leadership skills weekly. Passing the...